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Organize, book or join a VIP party in Miami, Villa parties!

VIP Miami events, Miami parties & concierge include a premium lifestyle, parties, villas, yacht, DJs, private jets and security, etc.

You are in the most appropriate page to plan your party times during your trip in Miami. Our company is very well known  for its parties and crazy night life that host. Lifestyle Miami, VIP clubbing and yachts waiting for you!

Best Villa Party Miami – Yacht Party

Welcome to VIP Miami Concierge, your ultimate destination for finding the perfect VIP party tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for an indoor soirée, an outdoor celebration, a lavish yacht gathering, an intimate private event, or an unforgettable bachelor party in the vibrant Mykonos, our website has got you covered.

At VIP Miami Concierge, we take pride in our expertise in curating and executing exceptional VIP events that leave lasting impressions.

With a team that has successfully orchestrated numerous luxurious parties, we know the art of creating unforgettable experiences better than anyone else.

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  • Fine Dining Experience – Exotic Cuisine
  • Premium Drinks & Boat Parties Miami
  • Spiritual Music & Ritualistic Parties
  • Wedding organization & planning
  • Catering services, Photography, Video
  • DJ services
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Private Beauty Services (hairdresser, make up artists, beauticians, wedding gowns)

Do not hesitate to ask us for villa rentals, yacht charters, etc.

Bachelor Party Miami – Limo and Show Girls Party – Miami Events

Are you dreaming of booking a glamorous villa in Miami or securing the services of a top-notch DJ? Look no further – our comprehensive range of services caters to all your requirements.

Private Services – Shows in Miami

Experience the true essence of VIP Miami events with us. From planning to execution, we handle every detail to ensure a seamless and extraordinary celebration. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or for any information you need.

Unlock the door to your dream VIP Miami party – trust VIP Miami Concierge to make it a reality.

Book the best dancers in Miami!

Miami Lifestyle
Miami Lifestyle

Furthermore, we provide exotic cars, limos for our VIP guests, upon request!

Make today the Miami bachelor party of your dreams!

At VIP Miami Party & Concierge, we take pride in curating extraordinary parties that leave a lasting impression on you and your esteemed guests. From skilled DJs and mesmerizing dancers to a team of seasoned professionals, we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure your party is nothing short of spectacular.

Finding the ideal venue for your event is effortless with our dedicated team. We understand the importance of tailoring the location to suit your specific needs, making your celebration one-of-a-kind.

Renowned by numerous esteemed individuals, our concierge services are second to none. When it comes to the main reason for their visit to Miami, they trust none other than us. Whether it’s VIP transfers, villa rentals, or premium acquisitions, our concierge team handles it all with utmost professionalism and discretion.

Discover the epitome of seamless event planning with just one call. Time is of the essence – don’t delay in reaching out to us!

Elevate your Miami experience with our company. Let us make your party a resounding success! Let’s make a top Miami yacht party.

Show-DJ-Dance Girls Miami – Sexy DJ

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As previously stated, we possess profound expertise in crafting extraordinary parties that surpass all expectations. In addition to our wide array of services, we specialize in delivering captivating performances that will leave an indelible mark on your party atmosphere. Prepare to be enthralled as our professional dancer takes the stage, weaving a mesmerizing fire dance that will ignite the senses and create an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Our showgirls are sure to captivate your imagination, leaving you with a desire to explore the various events we host. If you seek to elevate the ambiance to new heights, entrust us to provide a professional DJ girl who will skillfully tailor the music selection to evoke profound emotions among your guests.

Discover a myriad of sights and sounds as we orchestrate an unparalleled party experience for you. Embrace the enchantment and inquire about our exceptional events that promise to leave a lasting impression. Choose us for a seamless, top-tier celebration that will linger in the memories of all in attendance

Check our top DJ list  and DJ equipment.

Pool Parties are amazing – Luxury Pool Party – Hostess

Best Clubs exclusive reservations
Beach bars, experience bookings.

What would be better than a hot party with pool water as a coolant after an exhausting dance?

Make a booking for a private party in Miami, Florida.

Yacht Parties Miami
Yacht Parties Miami

For instance, you can enjoy the summer in Miami and its high temperature that will help you and your guests get the proper mood for a party and have a pool by your side to build the perfect atmosphere!

We can book a special place for you to have your party by the poolside, in Miami.

Moreover, we cooperate with expert pool companies and a variety of villas, mansions and hotels that have a pool specifically designed for parties like that.

Don’t loose time, make your wet dreams a reality!

VIP Bookings – Tables Bookings in Miami

Send us your request for a table at the best clubs, bars in Miami, and we will help you.

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Rich Portfolio – Parties in Miami – Make a Booking – Rock Party!

In the past, we have served elite persons as customers and managed to fulfill their expectations.

Singers, shows and events are available for you!

Discover Miami nightlife and best clubs, contact: VIP Miami concierge!

Worldwide known models, even Arab Princes trusted us to organize their parties.

Guess what, we made for them parties at pools, yachts, villas, even at their place. After that, they had the opportunity to enjoy private parties confidentially. Certainly, this is a proof of what we are able to do.

Bachelor Party – Bachelor in Miami

Champagne Girls – Strippers


Lets talk about one party that is something different and in many lives its a one-time experience. For sure, every man want to have a last-time experience while being single. Besides, some days before your marriage, the best place you can spend your last single moments is Miami.

Enjoy a champagne party Miami VIP and hot champagne girls!


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Artists, exclusive shows and private events in your villa

Special prices for Moet, Crystal and other champagne bottles.

Why not making this an unforgettable experience by letting us organize your bachelor party?


During our career, we organized so many bachelor parties that now its a routine for us. Every summer, we organize dozens of bachelor parties in our island.

True Story of our executive services

To begin with, last summer we had a call from the USA. It was a man that would get married after two weeks. He was planning to visit Greek islands and specifically Mykonos to spend some good quality days with his friends.




Subsequently, that person communicated with us some days before their arrival. What he asked for is one bachelor party that would stun his friends and would be unforgettable.


After we described to him what we are able to do, he trusted us and let us organize everything for him.

That way it would be a surprise for him too, sponsored by VIP Miami concierge! The day of his arrival everything was planned. During his stay, he had a two-days party where there were dancers, experienced DJ and we had manage to be there one international playmate gust that performed some strip dances.

The Miami party’s atmosphere was boosted by a lot of other happenings and ended with him and his friends speechless.

VIP mykonos party - bachelor party mykonos - dancers strippers mykonos

Concluding, all you have to do to have a similar experience is what he did, drop us a line and tell us what you dream about or let everything to us.

Bookings at the Best Clubs and Bars in Miami (Miami Night Life).

Suggest a secret Miami party to your friends! Make your life better today!!

Discover the VVIP Miami Experience!

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Feel free to contact us for private luxury concierge, villas, yachts, private jets and parties.

Send us your message for a hostess or a bodyguard, let’ s make your clubbing reservations.

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We are an expert team experienced in organizing VIP & private Parties in Miami. Our team provides luxury concierge services. As a result, we know exactly what our customers need.



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